coveting my neighbor’s wife

my neighbor’s wife’s got a nice ass. i want to tell him hey—your wife’s got a nice ass but better judgment takes hold of me & i tell him he’s a lucky man; yeah he says she’s all right but i could’ve done a lot better. now i’m thinking that it wouldn’t be wrong of me to pay her a visit while he’s at work maybe on the pretense of needing some sugar; probably nothing will happen but it couldn’t hurt to just start flirting w/ her—after all, we’re only human & give ourselves to the whirlwind of moral ambiguity for lesser sins than this. she smiles at me when his back is turned & he doesn’t appreciate what he has—that’s all i need to know. at night my boa constrictor glides into bed w/ me & whispers sweetly in my ear & i tell him he’s my only love but as i wrap myself around him i’m thinking of my neighbor’s wife, her hands doing dishes on the sabbath


Originally published in the attic which is desire in 2005, “coveting my neighbor’s wife” will be included in the forthcoming anthology Urgent Bards from URBANTgarde.




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